Sunday, April 17, 2011

N-n-n-n-n-n-n-ew....... WHOA!

Holy Cow! There is so much new stuff!!!! I almost passed out! Okay, so we got new den items, clothes, spirit stone/animal, land, question, eggs, Earth day, game, and more. o_O
 Liza has discovered a new land and spirit stone... WITH OUR HELP! Read the following email that I got form AJ HQ after sending them the poll results. Here it is:

Dear Victory Shivermoon,
Thank you so much for sending us your blog information as well as the results of your poll. HQ is always interested in what the jammers are saying about Animal Jam and Liza’s explorations! We will make sure Liza sees the results, and who knows what she will find? Be sure to stay logged in to Animal Jam, where the new land will be revealed in the near future!
Until then, Jam on!
Animal Jam HQ

 Amazing right? So here is what the new Spirit Stone is......(drum-roll)....

 An elephante!(elephant)
Isn't he cute? Sort of. Not really. Anyway, with this new spirit stone came a new land! It is kind of the Great Plains/Safari sort of thing. You know, with zebras running in the background.(They actually do have those).
Here is the newspaper's view of it. That's when it's empty. You can actually turn brown if you sit in the mud. It doesn't come off until you go for a dip in clean water. It's pretty cool. Guess what it is called! Appondale!(ap-pon-da-lay) NOT ap-on-dale. 
 Moving on to new items and furniture, there are two OLD hats. They have finally come back, and it seems like Animal Jam is going back in time. Hopefully, gloves will be next! Anyway, now we have a chicken hat, and the bunny hat. (That if you buy the pink bunny hat and have your bunny wear it, you look like Peck) These are the pictures:
(Notice the tags are red. Visit my "IMPORTANT" tab to learn why.)
Furniture wise, AJ is STILL going back in time. Your den can now have a party room (like the one in my tree house) because there is a DJ record-scratch table! Also, we have a disco ball that has a color other than white! Behold!
Next, we have the new game. Not to brag, but I'm kind of a natural so...hehehe. It's just like the game tap defense for ipod touch, but animaljam-ized. There are three animals that you can use to stop the pests, Venus Flytrap, Frog, Lizard, and Snake. Each pest can only be stopped by one of your animals, because you other animals don't work on that specific pest. The pests are, Ant, Fly, Grasshopper, Beetle, Dragonfly, Scorpion, and Tarantula. Very vivid pictures on the pest in real life are shown in this game before you start on that pest, so if you are scared pf any on these animals, you might want to be careful. The game is a pain to play because it takes forever, but it pays well. My average gemmage per round is 300. Yeah. Lots of dough. I still don't have even 1000 gems yet, but I'm working on it. See my "IMPORTANT" tab for details. Here are my pictures:

Finally, we get to the end. The great egg quest. Animal Jam has given us the following mission.

When you find all 8 eggs this is what happens!
I don't know if you can read it, but it says,"EGGCELLENT! You found the Spring eggs! Click OK to get your prize!" I won't tell you what the prize is. YET. You have to find the eggs! I won't tell you where they are either because that would spoil my fun! I will give you a riddle to help you figure it out. Whoever solves the riddle correctly and tells me what it means gets a prize! IF YOU FIND ALL OF THE EGGS, DO NOT TELL EVERYONE WHERE THEY ALL ARE THROUGH COMMENT. I will do a post later saying where they were. As for the riddle, here it goes:

When you hear the bird that loves to sing,
 He will lead you to the egg of Spring.

An egg cooks in the sand,
When you touch it, it burns your hand.

A baby animal will hatch tommorow,
You'll find his egg under a Saguaro.

Back in the shade, a white dab,
Next to the Barr lab.

This egg is so high!
I think its frozen in the sky.

The road to where the sun bakes,
lies a nest of future snakes.

On the shores of the pond, by a boat,
you will find an egg, not quite afloat.

By the field, where the zebras race,
you will find an egg, and victory's face.

Have fun and good luck! Jam On


  1. i want to beat animal jam the game really bad!!!!!!!

    1. i just can't figure out this riddle!! i know a few but others are just confusing. its a really good/hard riddle! :)

  2. I do not like Key99

  3. How do you beat animal jam?

    1. @Anonymous (May 30, 2011 10:30 AM)

      Animal Jam is a virtual world. It's not really beatable. There are some mimi-quests/games that you can complete (like the egg one) but that's really all you can "beat".

  4. I love Animal jam I mean love it. It's really fun. & I'm not a owner of this website but I'm sure you can't beat keep that in mind.

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  15. I LOVE Animal Jam!!!! My sister got me HOOKED! PLay it! It is AWESOME!!! ;)

  16. i really love animal jam!!!! i am a member and it is really fun. all i want to know is how to get clothes for your pet!!! trade me rares! my user is jjrocks1819 =)

  17. Hi, I am an Animal Jam FANATIC!! I have my own blog but... no one goes on it... What should I do...? I've been thinking of deleting my blog but... FOREVER this time.

    1. V Shivermoon @ Anonymous who I'm replying to.

      Don't delete your blog! You just have to wait for the word to get out about your blog. Add a hit counter and keep track of the views. Every view puts your blog a little higher in Google's listings. Eventually, someone will google "animal jam" and your blog will be on the front page! Don't believe me? Try Googling "animal jam" and look at the blogs there. You just need to keep going. Never delete, because then no one even can try to read your blog. Just keep going!

  18. i really need help finding those eggs i have been looking scince they started it please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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